Photography is an art that helps to bring so many hidden treasures out of the everyday world through aesthetic minds and sensitive eyes of photographers. Shutterbug Art society, a photography club based in Kolkata, aims at creating a rich visual culture through the art of photography across the nation. The motif of this photography club is to promote the art of photography among professional and amateur Indian photographers. Shutterbug Art Society regularly organizes salons and circuits at the National & International level. Their photography contests are approved by photography societies like Federation of Indian Photography (FIP), FIAP, GPU etc. Apart from photography, Shutterbug Art Society is also devoted to the promotion of other forms of arts like drawing and fine arts. We regularly organize classes, workshops, and exhibitions of art and drawing for privileged, under-privileged, and unprivileged children.

Shutterbug Art Society believes that the passion for photography can make a better society through enriching the aesthetic sensibilities among people. The society mainly works with the young photographers and artists to train their eyes for nature, culture, and heritage of India. The society regularly organizes contests and exhibitions so that a positive cultural interaction might happen through arts and photography. For the mushrooming of electronic gadgets like DSLR camera, Mirrorless camera, and smartphone, young enthusiastic people are engaged in capturing the different perspectives of our lives. We at shutterbug teach these young people how to snap and make a photo suitable for any national and international contests. We use to make them understand the demarcation between amateur and professional photography as well as fine arts and functional arts through our various approaches like training, workshop, exhibition, and other modes of interaction.
Shutterbug Art Society thinks that the arts like drawing and photography not only enrich the aesthetic sensibilities of people but also contribute a lot in creating social awareness. Photographs and fine arts are important parts of our popular culture; visual culture attracts people more than anything of high culture like books and theatre. We, at Shutterbug Art Society, try to teach the social responsibility of artists and photographers so that their arts and photographs not only please but also teach people. Our society aims at promoting cultural interaction, artistic negotiation, and social awareness through drawing, arts & photography.